Weekends are the Best…


This weekend was so much fun!! After work on Friday I headed home to pick up Jaber to start our adventure into the city.  We took the train, walked to Millennium park, and eventually met up with Diane Van Drunen and her family! I LOVE her family.  It was really nice to see her after 5 weeks of being apart.  (Her daughter just got engaged so we had lots to talk about it 🙂 ) We listened to the free concert…it was the Chicago Symphony! We then took a stroll through the city and then headed home.  Jaber and I love being able to learn from other married couples!

Saturday-We hung out with Esther Ball all day!! This is my shout out to Esther.  Her and I met my Sophomore year at Wheaton College (She was a freshman.) She honestly was one of the last people I thought I would ever be friends with…she ended up being my best friend in college haha.  The day I met her she seriously looked like a hippy straight out of Africa. I came to find out she did just come from Africa.  I have never met a girl who loves her friends so much.  She was there for me and I was there for her.  We became roommates, co workers, even better best friends, and just three weeks ago she was a bridesmaid! I thank God for her. Last night she showed me how to make Lasagna! Confession: I barely know how to cook so I am learning to keep my man well fed! It is really fun to learn something knew. If anyone has anytime to teach me…I would love to have you over! 🙂

Last night I got to hang out with my 4 favorite boys…Jaber, Jordan, Conn, and Jonny!  Those four boys will be in my life forever.  I am so grateful to have the best brothers (and yes Jonny is my brother!! Well almost ;).  We got dinner and then watched the Bourne Legacy…I highly recommend it.  We all LOVED it.  Mom-if you are reading this tell Dad he has GOT to see this.  

*Encouragement for the day: Call up your sibling if you have one.  My brothers are honestly the best friends I could ask for.  I never wonder if they will be there the next day.  I wish I would have known that when I was younger I probably would have been a better sister.  Make your siblings a priority!

Anyways we are off to meet my brothers for Church!! Hope everyone has a GREAT day!!

2 days to SALT LAKE CITY!! REV IT UP! #Convention2012


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