Home Sweet Home!

It feels so wonderful to be back home! We had an AMAZING time at convention this past week.  Tuesday night my parents came and stayed the night in our new little home! It was really fun to have them over.  We looked through all of our wedding pictures!  Wednesday morning we got up at 3am…yes 3am.  It was SO early.  We headed to the airport, flew to Arizona, and then reached our final destination: SALT LAKE CITY, UT.  We were able to register, check in, and make it to Conn’s first presentation on How to Go GOLD.  He did an amazing job. Immediately he and Jordan were swarmed by their many fans.  I am so proud of the both of them.  The next four days were filled with a lot of excitement.  Thursday-every associate in USANA that attended this convention received a brand new free Ipad.  That was over 12000+ Ipads given away.  Lets just say the crowds went wild.  Other highlights were seeing my brothers and friends receive awesome awards.  Jordan went DIAMOND and Conn went GOLD.  Those are some pretty awesome achievements.  We are able to hear from great speakers such as John Maxwell, Dr. Oz, and none other than Mr. Jordan Kemper!  He blew everyone away.  I am a proud sister.  It was really good to spend time with my aunt, uncle, parents, friends, and awesome husband!  We look forward to going again next year.  Can’t wait to see what God does this year! Here are a few pictures of our highlights!


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