Happy Birthday Jordan!!

Just wanted to write a special post to honor my wonderful big brother and his 28th birthday!! I am so blessed to be Jordan’s sister. He has gone above and beyond for me my whole life.  I have always felt that Jordan and I had a rare relationship…we literally always got along.  There hasn’t been a week gone by that I didn’t want to see my brother.  My favorite memories with Jordan are the ones that happen often.  We LOVE going to dinner and a movie.  I love watching all the girls as they wish they were out with such a cutie…little did they know that I was his sister.  My other favorite thing is our sleepovers. haha yes we still do sleepovers.  He sets up a little bed for me in his house and we watch movies until we fall asleep.  Jordan has always been there for me.  He has been the person who I can tell everything to.  He always came to my sports events, never missed a birthday, and always answers my phone calls (even though he is insanely busy).  Most of all he has shown me Jesus.  He has been a role model to me.  He gave me hope that there were good guys still out there.  The first reason I felt peace about being with Jaber that first Sunday I saw him preach was because Jordan looked over at me and said, “This guy is the real deal. I like him.”  The rest was history.  Anyways I wish every girl had the opportunity to be Jordan’s sister.  He has changed my life.  And for all the who wonder if Jordan is who he appears to be…the truth is he is and better.  There are so many wonderful things Jordan does that goes unnoticed…but he likes it that way.  Anyways HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORDAN!!!! Your sister seriously loves you to death. You are my best friend forever and always!!


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