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My Usana Story :)

Please read!! 🙂

What is USANA? :USANA Health Sciences is one of America’s leading companies in the field of health and nutrition. USANA helps improve the lives of thousands of people around the world in two ways:

  1. Superior product lines that customers can always trust
  2. Innovative network marketing program that offers a fair and balanced compensation plan for both the average and ambitious USANA Associate

So how did I learn about USANA?? Well it all starts back when I was 18 years old. As a senior in high school I had the opportunity to start babysitting for Dr. Steve and Andrea Hryszczuk.  I absolutely fell in love with their family.  If anyone knows USANA…they know the Hryszczuk’s.  They have EXCELLED in USANA and now are DIAMOND directors.  I mostly babysat for their youngest son Sam- who is now 6!!  There are some pictures of Sam and I at the bottom 🙂

Anyways, after about a year of babysitting for them I started to notice a lot of products around the house that said USANA.  When I asked what they were, Steve invited me to come to one of his presentations later that week.  I asked my mom to come with me and sure enough we went.  We were both blown away at what this products could do and my mom signed up right away under Dr. Steve (who at the time was a bronze director).  Long story short a few months later my mom tried  to convince my brother Jordan to take a look.  In order to make my mom happy-he took a look and boy is he glad that he did.  He usually didn’t like multi-level marketing companies.  Jordan is now the 2nd fastest grower in the entire company and is a Diamond Director.  He has had the opportunity  to travel and speak all over the world.   Before I knew it, all of my family was  apart of USANA.

So what have they done for me particularly??  Seeing as though I thought I was a very healthy 19 year old, I didn’t always take my vitamins consistently.  When I turned 21 I was diagnosed with a disease that would cause infertility as well as an insulin resistance disease.  I was devastated to say the least.  I have wanted to be a mom as long as I can remember.  After getting diagnosed Jordan looked into a USANA regiment I could take in order to help with my disease.  I faithfully took my USANA products and a YEAR later I was told that I no longer had either diseases (both of which I was told were irreversible.) Now as you all know…4 years later I got pregnant within 6 weeks of getting married!! These vitamins have DEFINITELY changed my life.  I now take them faithfully everyday and even use them as my prenatal.

So what’s next?? As many of you know I have married an amazing man who feels called to share the G.  With that usually comes raising support.  We have decided to build our USANA business in hope that Jaber can speak for FREE.  We want to be able to do ministry without having to ask ANYONE for money.  My emphasis to start will be helping woman who want to get pregnant or lose weight.  Please pray for us as we start this VERY exciting journey. 🙂 Thanks for reading!!

Excited for life!!

Love this man...

Love this man…

Sam as a Baby!

Sam as a Baby

Sam a few years older :)

Sam a few years older 🙂


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