New mom: I never knew…

So ever since I was a little girl I always dreamed of being a mom. I imagined myself taking my kids to the park, reading them stories, and hugging them every chance I got.  I pictured myself running on the beach with them, celebrating birthdays, and snuggling during a good movie.  I still look forward to all of those things because I know they will happen.  When I thought of having a newborn I pictured being so in love…which is true!! So this blog is about the 10 best and 10 hardest things I didn’t know about being a new mom

Lets start with the best!!

  1. I never knew seeing my baby smile could make me smile no matter what I was feeling. I mean come on look at that smile Image
  2. I never knew that the smallest new thing such as sucking his thumb or hitting his hanging toy would make me so proud.
  3. I never knew that him sleeping 3 hours straight would seem like Heaven in the early days.  He is now up to 7 hours…pure bliss!! I still wake up every 3 hours because I am used to it haha.
  4. I never knew how excited I would be to show him off to the world. I am that mom who thinks she has the cutest kid BUT thats a good thing right?? 😉
  5. I never knew how sweet it would be to see my husband hold and love our little one. The two of them together literally make me fall in love all over again.  Image
  6. I never knew how awesome it would be to see my brothers become uncles and my parents become grandparents.  Zane is beyond spoiled!!
  7. I never knew how cute baby clothes were until I saw my little man in them.
  8. I never knew how excited I would be to get home after only being gone 30 minutes.  I run straight to him and hug him like crazy. He is my man! (and Jaber too of course!)Image
  9. I never knew that I could think so much about someone. Everywhere I go Zane is always on my mind.
  10. I never knew that I would understand more of God’s love for me.  I love Zane so much no matter how hard it is and I know that this love doesn’t even compare to the love God has for me.

Ok so lets get to the 10 hardest things… I will say first that I am so thankful for these hard things because they make me better and stronger.  Ok here it goes:

  1. I never knew how hard childbirth would be…but more so than that I never knew how hard post partum healing would be.  I was tested in more ways than one on a daily basis with this.  I literally couldn’t sit straight or stand longer than 10 minutes for weeks.
  2. I never knew how hard it would be to function on such little sleep.  I swear by the time I actually fell back asleep…he was up again.
  3. I never knew that I would worry about him constantly.  I kept googling, “Is ______ normal?? I didn’t know how to bathe him, clean his cord, check his temperature, etc.  I was constantly wondering if he was getting enough to eat or having enough wet diapers.
  4. I never knew breastfeeding would be so time consuming.  The first few weeks it was all I did.  I literally went through 60 episodes of a tv show on Netflix. I also didn’t know it would be nearly impossible to leave him for more than an hour.  The milk truck has to be in business 24 hours a day. 🙂
  5. I never knew that a person SO small could poop SO much!! haha
  6. I never knew that I could go through so many outfits in such a small amount of time.
  7. I never knew that I would try so hard to get my baby to sleep, rock him, sing to him, tiptoe my way over to his crib, set him down ONLY for him to wake up and start all over again 🙂  I eventually decided to put him down awake at 2 weeks and he has now learned to put himself to sleep! Thank you Baby Wise! Image
  8.  I never knew I would wake up in a panic and frantically search for Zane to make sure he was ok.  Hello bad dreams! I sometimes would wake up and hear him crying even though he wasn’t.
  9. I never knew I would still be missing caffeine, Rev 3, hanging out with friends, taking a vacation, working out, swimming, tanning, sleeping on my stomach, staying up late, and date nights with my husband.
  10. I never knew that this experience would be that hardest thing I ever did.  It’s the biggest responsibility I have ever had.  My life has totally been turned upside down…my body is different, my time is different, my life is different.  BUT its a good different.  This experience has shown me what it means to not put myself first.  I have learned to love someone else more than myself. I am so thankful for my little man.

I must end saying to all you new moms out there: “Don’t lose hope!! It’s ok to feel tired, emotional, exhausted, and happy all at the same time.  It’s also ok to miss your friends, your body, and your old life.  You will adjust and the reward is great.  Just remember that you are doing something great and amazing! I know that there are so many good times ahead. Keep up the good work!!”


mama Christie


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