2 months into Seattle

So I officially am a resident of Washington… (never thought I would say that) Image

So how has life been since moving here on September 6th?? CRAZY!! I have experienced all sorts of crazy emotions.  I really miss my family (ALOT) but I am doing my very best to love it here. So I thought I would share all things I love so far:

I LOVE the mountains, lakes, scenery, trees, and landscape.  There is no denying that Seattle is a beautiful place to live.  People complain about the rain…but without the rain it wouldn’t be so beautiful. From my apartment I can see the beautiful Lake Washington.  This lake is EVERYWHERE!!! If you have been to Seattle you know what I mean…Image

This is a typical view of what I see on a daily basis 🙂 IT’s gorgeous!Image

This is Bellevue (15 minutes outside Seattle) where I live! We live right in downtown so I have access to EVERYTHING!! Let’s say they have a lot of fun shops to look at! Living here has given me the ability to safely WALK for MILES a day!! I walk over 20 miles a week.  It has been great for Zane and I to get some fresh air, exercise, and just out of the apartment! I am so blessed to live in such a beautiful and safe area.  Here are some pictures from Zane and I out on our walks. He loves it!! ImageImageImage

Zane, Jaber and I really love our apartment! We live up on the 7th floor!! It’s like living in a hotel…we have a pool, gym, hot tub, GREAT neighbors, and a super helpful staff! We couldn’t have asked for a better place for our little family to live! Here are some pictures:


Since getting here I have made a wonderful new friend Jessica!! She is from Minnesota and had her little girl in May! We hang out all the time 🙂 She is the friend I prayed for! She is so loving, hospitable, and a GREAT wife to her wonderful husband John. I am SO thankful for her.  Here is her and Jadelin 🙂 Image

Since getting here so much has happened with Zane (seeing as though he doubled his total life lived so far) He got dedicated at Mars Hill Church on Jaber’s birthday! It was so beautiful and I am so grateful for all of the people who love him.  I really wish my family could have been there! Image

Zane is now 4 months old!! He is getting so big! So far he can roll over, talk, make great eye contact, respond to his name being called, laugh, and sleep 8+ hours (sometimes). He is such a joy.  People always say what a good baby he is.  He also has been labeled a flirt 😉 Oh and we are still exclusively breastfeeding!!


Jaber is doing great and staying really busy! He has had many speaking opportunities and has had the chance to meet with lots of great people.  He really loves it here and is working hard to help us adjust to live here in Seattle. I am thankful for my little family.  Oh I forgot to share that I dyed my hair…it was supposed to be light brown and turned into this.  Good thing I liked it 🙂 Gotta go with the flow!


Anyways, God is good! I struggle with missing people on a daily basis but I am learning to trust in God.  He has provided me with all I need.  He also has provided me with a moms group and a Bible study that I can be apart of.  I realize that the little things mean a lot to me now.  The Lord is teaching me daily what it means to follow Him.  I feel like I fail so often, but then I get back up again. Life here in Seattle will only become more normal (good thing).  I can’t wait to see where God takes us in the next few years.  So for those of you who are going through big changes (marriage, new baby, move, new job, etc.) keep your head up and take it a day at a time.  Jaber and I have gone through all four in a short period of time and we are making it!!

Anyways with all that being said I love you all and miss you all!! Zane and I will becoming home on Nov 4-22 (with a trip to FL to see my girl Jamison and a trip to AL to see Jon get married).  Can’t wait to see all of you when time allows!

Love to you,



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