Coconut Oil is the BEST

So as a mom I am always looking for the absolute best for my baby.  When it comes to lotions, shampoos, diapers, etc. I am always looking for the most natural, chemical free ingredients. I wanted to share with you all how coconut oil has been amazing for so many of our needs.  I use coconut oil for Zane, but also for myself.  Let me share the ways I have used coconut oil:

1. Lotion: I used coconut oil for stretch marks my entire pregnancy.  I know stretch marks are often believed to be genetic, but I do believe that coconut oil can help.  I made it through my entire pregnancy with no belly stretch marks (and I had a BIG baby). I also use it on Zane after baths.  I can rest assured that no harsh chemicals are going on his skin.

2. Breastfeeding: Coconut oil rocks if you are breastfeeding.  I use it in smoothies to increase my milk supply as well as a moisturizer on myself in order to prevent the pain that can come along with breastfeeding.  It is safe for the baby as well.

3. Teething: Believe it or not a little coconut can help take away the pain that comes with teething! Just rub a small amount on his gums and it will help relieve the pain and he will enjoy the taste 🙂

4. Cradle Cap: This is the best oil to use for Cradle Cap on your little one after they are born.

5. Weight management: I use this in smoothies for breastfeeding, but also for weight management.  Studies show that 3 tablespoons a day can help with weight loss/management

6. Healing: If you have a scar, cut, or bruise apply coconut oil generously to promote healing.  If you just had a baby you can use this to help heal tears or c-section incisions.

7. Body scrub: Mix coconut oil, coconut sugar, and coffee grounds together to create a delicious body scrub! EXFOLIATE!! You use 2 TBSP oil, 3 TBSP sugar, and 1.5 TBSP coffee grounds! (Thanks Claire Urig for the recipe 🙂 )

8. Cooking: I use this instead of regular oils when cooking eggs, greasing a pan, etc.  It adds an extra flavor and is MUCH better for you!

Anyways, look up other ways online you can use coconut oil!! It’s amazing and is super safe.  I have used it on myself and Zane so many times and have had nothing but good results! You can find amazing deals online.  If you buy it in the store it will be much more expensive.  Make sure your coconut oil is unrefined, organic, pure extra virgin, and non GMO.  There shouldn’t be any extra ingredients besides the coconut oil.





(ps. coming home to CHICAGO in 3 DAYS!!!)


One thought on “Coconut Oil is the BEST

  1. One other way coconut oil is amazing: it works awesome for baby’s bums to prevent any bum rash. also if the wee one gets a bit of candida on his/her bum it helps to clear it up. It has done WONDERS for us!!! love the post 🙂

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