Christmas Time is Here Again

I can’t believe Christmas is already here again. I am SO excited. Ever since I was a little girl I have counted down to Christmas.  At my home in Chicago my dad always grilled Steaks and my mom made the BEST desserts.  Last Christmas I was 16 weeks pregnant and I remember thinking that next year at this time I will have a 6 month old. It all seemed so far away…BUT here we are!!


We had the opportunity to have some family pictures taken by Jaber’s host mom Alice.  For those of you who don’t know my husband, he came here from the Middle East when he was 17.  He ended up living with Alice and her family and attended high school.  They now are his American family here because his family is still back in the Middle East.  They have welcomed me into their family like a daughter in law.  We are so blessed. Here is Jaber, Alice, and Zane.


This Christmas I am extra excited because I will be seeing my family for a few weeks.  Moving this past September was very scary, but with our Christmas visit scheduled it was much easier.  Zane and I will be home from Dec 16-Jan 11 and Jaber will come from Dec 23-Jan 3. We are looking forward to many movie nights, game nights, and good food with my parents and brothers. We are excited to show Zane what Christmas is truly about.  We want Zane to grow up looking forward to time with family and remembering our Lord Jesus. I also am looking forward to seeing all my precious friends who I haven’t been able to see since moving! Here are a few pictures from yesterday!

Jaber and I ChristmasDaddy kissing ZaneA

Anyways, we will be updating you all throughout our Christmas adventure! I will be traveling by myself both ways so I will be sure to update you moms on traveling alone with a baby. Keep smiling and keep close to those that love you the most.



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