“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”


Dr. Seuss said this quote! Even though I like this quote in many regards…I can’t say I completely agree with it.  Sometimes crying is all you can do. Today was one of those days for a friend of mine. This friend and I are in a moms group together. A week ago her two year old son went to take his usual nap, but unfortunately he never woke up. He died all of a sudden and the doctors don’t know why. Her WHOLE life feels lost now.  Her son meant the world to her.  She was a stay at home mom and put everything into being a wife and a mother. She was an awesome mom…and today she had to bury her only child and listen to hundreds of people tell her how sorry they are.


What is so hard for me to comprehend is why things like this happen. This child was her miracle baby. She had miscarriages before he was born and told everyone that this was her answer to prayer. She FINALLY had her baby…and now he is gone.

How are we not to worry after hearing situations like this? Is she really supposed to smile? After finding out about this tragic situation I felt sick to my stomach.  That night I probably checked on Zane ten times to make sure he was still breathing. I had a nightmare that he had suffocated in my bed only to find him peacefully sleeping in his crib. I put myself in her shoes for a second and thought about how I would feel. The first feelings were confusion, anger, and sadness. I questioned why God would allow for her to be given such a miracle only to have it taken away. Then I thought about God and what I know about Him.  He is a good, gracious, and understanding God.  He had lost a Son too…He knew what it felt like. I pictured God comforting my friend and carrying her through each second. He was holding her precious son and she would see him again. This picture gave me hope. This picture helped me to realize that my Zane is always in God’s hands. Even though I would probably not smile for a very long time if this happened to me…I know my boy would be smiling up in Heaven.

That being said, I know that it is perfectly normal and expected to grieve.  The Bible talks more about grieving than it does about smiling. My encouragement to everyone of you going through a loss (I know there are a lot of you) is to please grieve.  Don’t feel the need to smile or to act like everything is fine.  God wants us to feel what we feel.  David in the Psalms constantly wrote of his frustrations, doubts, and struggles. Even though we don’t like it…our struggles DO make us STRONGER. Keep pressing on and don’t ever give up! It’s very important to have hope even when all feels lost.

If I could change the quote it would be: “Do cry because it’s over, but still smile because it happened.”

My love,


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9 thoughts on ““Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

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  3. Hi Christie, God bless you. You have inspired me to read on and to share with others the trials and tribulations of being a mum….and being a child of God. There are many things we don’t understand when we feel the pain of losing (as I felt with my own loss) but I understand now that God has a greater plan for each and everyone of us. So I live in hope and trust God in his faithfulness. x

    • Michele,
      You are so sweet! Thank you for reaching out to me. I am so sorry for whatever loss you have been through. Heartbreak is so difficult. You are a child of God and HE does have a great plan for you. I wish you all the best! And please do use this pain to help others who find themselves in the same situation.

      All my love,

  4. A Twinkle of Grace

    Who says the world does not stop when someone passes. It stops, as my heart comes alive, remembering cherished, precious moments shared. Sending my peace and love that together our spirit is carried off by the angels. As the world stops, nothing else matters – but the love. Being thankful for the time we have had together- seeing the Perfection in our destiny that one must come face to face with.

    Can I see what I am to see? Trusting in what my eyes cannot see. Loving what my eyes do see. Following the Voice no matter where it takes me- knowing it could not have been any other way.

    Remember the love, for that is all that goes on, when the world stops. A love that was wild, free, soft and serene. Into my life…out of my life…neither less quickly than the other. Oh the lessons learned; the humility found- the Awareness of something greater going on before me. Life shaking me and saying; “see me, see me, feel me…dance with me.”

    The music seems to stop, the song over. What is the fun in thinking like that. Look the other way, into your heart- for that is where I have been all along; never letting you forget me. To humble yourself before it and know that The Dance is many things- happy, sad, up, down- it is all the same; it is everything.

    To simply accept, for there is no why- it is this way and could not be another. A choreographed moment watching the breadcrumb trail that lead me from there to here. The Voice- follow It. The Dance- go with It. Points in time connect, seemingly stop, as you see that this is exactly the place- that was exactly Perfect.

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