Sleep training ALWAYS works…NOT!

If there is anything I have learned since becoming a mom…it’s that there are a MILLION ideas out there on how to do everything.  If you walk into a Babies R Us there literally are like 50 different types of pacifiers, bottles, bibs, and everything else a baby could ever possibly need.  What makes me laugh is that they all claim to be “THE BEST!” After you buy all of the so called “best items” you move on to books that are going to teach you everything you need to know about being a mom. Many of those books have to do with sleeping.  When I was pregnant I read many of the books and had no idea which method I would choose.  Was I supposed to let them cry it out? Let them cry for only 5 minutes? Not let them cry at all cause it could cause long term damage? I had no idea what to do and all of them seemed to contradict each other.

Well let me tell you a little secret…babies do what they want to do!!

I have tried everything with Zane and to my surprise each night is completely different.  One night I will give him a bath, feed him, lay him down awake, let him cry for a minute and then BOOM he is a asleep.  I will feel so happy thinking that I finally figured it out only to repeat it the next day to have the exact opposite results.  I have let Zane cry it out and sometimes it works…other times he will cry so hard that I can’t possible bear another second of it. Here is an example of what happened after Zane screamed his head off last time: SUCCESS!

Zane sleeping

I finally decided after 23 weeks of trying to figure it out…to stop worrying about.  I decided I would do whatever felt best at that moment.  If I heard him crying and wanted to pick him up…then I would! If I wanted to try crying it out…then I would! I realized that Zane is always changing.  Sometimes his teeth hurt or he has a tummy ache.  All of these would affect his sleeping habits and trying to force the same habits on him even in these circumstances was not working for him.

So want to know what happened when I stopped worrying??

HE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT FOR THE FIRST TIME!! It was amazing. I woke up shocked and ran into check on him. I was so pleased but told myself that it may not happen again for awhile.  The next night he did it again!! The third night he woke up around 4 but I was totally fine with that because I was letting HIM guide me.  He was hungry so I fed him. I put him back to bed and he slept until 8. I decided that I don’t have to worry about “doing it right.” I needed to listen to Zane. He would let me know what he needed. I loved seeing his beautiful face in the morning!

handsome boy

Anyways, I know that certain methods work for certain babies and I think that is awesome! If you find a method that works…go for it!! BUT if you are like me and it seems that all of the methods just cause stress and don’t seem to work…then my biggest advice would be to stop worrying.  Just take it a night and a time and let your baby be who he or she is.  Eventually they will sleep and so will you. Also, don’t compare yourself to other moms.  I remember meeting so many moms who would tell me how wonderful it was that their 10 week old was sleeping 12 hours straight at night because they did the “fill in the blank” method and I would think “GRRRR!! Why didn’t that method work for me??” One mom even told me her baby was sleeping because she prayed really hard. I thought to myself”Didn’t I pray hard enough?” I now realized that wasn’t the issue. Zane was a DIFFERENT baby.

So for all of you moms who seem to be up every hour…you are not alone!! Zane and I were up countless nights every hour. Keep persevering and don’t feel bad if your baby isn’t sleeping yet! Plus on the bright side I heard that babies who wake up every night are EXTRA smart 😉 haha

Happy sleeping mama’s (OR NOT)



4 thoughts on “Sleep training ALWAYS works…NOT!

  1. Christie,
    I am proud of you. This blog is awesome! I love reading what God is doing in your life and it’s cool to see the impact that you have already! You are an amazing mom for sure! Love you lady!

    Mrs. Haanpaa. 😉

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