Words are Powerful

Last night I decided to be a normal grown up and stay up past 7pm πŸ™‚ My husband and I decided to watch a movie that his host mom had bought us. It was called ,”The Letter Writer” and I probably cried like 10 times. For some reason I love the family friendly movies that most people think have terrible acting. I like movies that inspire me and leave me feeling uplifted.

So what is the movie about? It’s about a teenage girl, Maggy, who has been through a lot of hard times and is on the road to rebellion. She has started lying, being disrespectful to her mom, and has fallen in with the wrong crowd. Β She and her mom fight all the time and both of them say some really hurtful things to each other. One day she receives an anonymous letter from someone named “Sam.” She asks both of her parents if they have an idea who he is. Β The letter was the sweetest letter she had ever received. She claimed that he was the only person in the world who had anything nice to say about her. She was determined to find him. Eventually she finds him and she totally falls in love with him, but not in the romantic way. Sam is actually a sweet elderly man who writes letters every day and sends them to people he finds in the phone book. Sam also writes words of encouragement and hands them out to people on his walks.


That one note changed everything for her. Maggy spends much of her time with Sam and learns from him how WORDS are very important. He explains that he lost a friend shortly after saying some terrible things to her. He never got the chance to say he was sorry. That day he decided that he would only use words for GOOD. This movie touched my heart so much.

How many times a day do we use our words unwisely? How do you talk to your husband? Best friend? Parents?

Words can change a whole person’s day. Think for a second about the nicest thing anyone ever said to you. How did that make you feel? Did you feel inspired? Did you feel like you could accomplish anything that day? Now think for a second about the worse thing anyone ever said to you? Do the words still pop up in your head? Do they still make you feel small, inadequate, and defeated? I can tell you right now that no one should have said those harsh words to you. No one should tell you that you aren’t good enough…You were created in God’s image and are beautiful.


My challenge to you is to use your words for good today. Try to tell others what you love about them. I want you to smile at a stranger today and compliment them. It could change their whole day…or life!

I hope you have a happy Wednesday! Zane and I are off to our Mom’s group!!




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