The Silent Killer

“Every single day, a silent horror kills more Americans than were killed on 9/11.  Every single year, this silent horror kills about as many Americans as have been killed on all the battlefields in all of the wars in U.S. history combined.  This silent horror is called abortion, and it is a national disgrace.” -Michael Synder


My heart is heavy today as I think about abortion.  As many of you know, I worked for a pro life organization called Care Net for two years after I graduated from college. Throughout this job I saw first hand how abortion affects the lives of EVERYONE. Everyday we would see young girls come in to our office to find out they were pregnant. Some of those girls chose to parent, while others chose to abort. At each staff meeting we would all share stories of what had happened over the last month. I can’t even tell you how sad some of the stories were.  Many of the girls would reach out to us after having an abortion. The amount of regret, sadness, and depression they felt were overwhelming. Many of them couldn’t even function normally. We had some women reach out to us after it had been a few years and they said that it was the one choice that haunted them every single day.

I am not writing this article to make women feel bad who have had abortions.  I have had the opportunity to see many women find healing after having their abortions, and it was a powerful experience. There is COMPLETE forgiveness. I am writing this article because people need to be informed once again on the true effects of abortion.  Abortion doesn’t make anything better. I have had friends who have had abortions because they felt like there was no other option. I later learned that if just one person would have told them that it would be okay and that they could have this baby…they would have chosen to continue the pregnancy. Now my friends feels regret EVERY SINGLE DAY.

What makes me most sad about abortion is what it does to the women.  I obviously love the babies, but the true consequences come on the ones who choose to take their lives. I believe that all aborted babies go to Heaven. I believe God takes care of them.  The babies are not in pain once they are gone, but rather they are in the most perfect place.  The women who take their child’s life however, have to deal every single day with their choice to abort.


So what can you do about it? Do you love your friends?

The easy thing to do may be to make your friends feel like whatever they want to do is fine. You want them to know that you support them no matter what. I want to be a friend who supports my friends as well, but I also want to PROTECT them.  If you knew your friend would die if they took once step further towards the edge of the cliff, would you tell them that its okay and that you support whatever decision they want to make? Of course not! You would run and tell them not to take a further step in order to save their lives.  Take a look at these statistics taken from post abortion researchers at the Elliot Institute for Social Science Research on how women feel after having an abortion:

  • 90% suffer damage in their self-esteem Image
  • 50% begin or increase alcohol and drugs
  • 60% report suicidal ideation
  • 28% actually attempt suicide
  • 20% suffer full blown post taumatic stress disorder
  • 50% of women report some symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • 52% felt pressured by others to have an abortion               .


Do you really want your friends to feel these things? Many women do not feel the negative effects of their abortions until much later. Sometimes it takes women 15 years to realize how their abortion affected them. My encouragement to you is to be honest with your friends.  Abortion is killing America. I am not in support with holding up signs that show abortion and how terrible the procedure actually is. I am in support of being honest with women though. I loved the women who came in to our office and I wanted only the best for them. It makes me sad that some of our country believes that pro life advocates are judgmental. I never in my life would judge a women who has had an abortion, I would want to help her. I know that women face pressure and often times they don’t know what they are doing. Most abortion clinics convince their women that it’s not actually a baby.  The clinics are trained on how to encourage the women and make them feel like they are making the right decision. What most of these women don’t know, is that most abortion clinics are all about making MONEY! Many of the clinics could care less how you feel after having your abortion. After reading Amy Johnson’s book Unplanned, my eyes were opened to the truth.  She was the director of a planned parenthood and truly thought she was helping women. She had good intentions, but everything changed when she had to help with an abortion for the first time. The reality of what she was doing set in. She ended up resigning and becoming a pro life activist.

So why am I writing this? I want you to be the best friend you can be. Be honest with your friends and help them if they find themselves pregnant and unsure about what to do. If you are your friends have had an abortion and are struggling, seek help! You can find complete healing. Don’t be afraid to be pro-life. Don’t worry about people thinking you are judgmental. You truly DO want whats best for these women and their precious babies. America needs to realize the truth. Abortion is ruining the lives of the people here.

Tomorrow marks the 1 year anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.  My heart goes out to the families of those who lost loved ones. Twenty six people died that day in the shooting.  What most people forget is that a few thousand other people died that day too because of abortion. The news forgot to talk about that.

Love to Love,





6 thoughts on “The Silent Killer

  1. At 12 weeks of pregnancy I unexpectedly did a blood test which was a screening test and was told that there was a high risk of a baby with Down Syndrome. I was offered more testing to confirm this but since the ultimate aim was to make a decision to abort or not, I opted out of this further testing. I truly wanted my baby to live, abnormality or not – besides this was a screening test which might be a false positive. I prayed for a healthy wholesome baby and God has shown me His favour by showing that all of the subsequent scans told us the unborn baby was healthy and well. I could only trust in God and surrender to His will.

    My daughter was born in May 2013. 7 months on I know for sure I made the right decision not to terminate my pregnancy and to accept this precious gift from God. She is perfect in all ways and even more perfect in God’s eyes. She does have a diagnosed Down Syndrome condition but she is healthy and wholesome just like what I prayed for and she has a promising and bright outlook ahead of her. So far she is just like any other baby even with her milestones. I love her to bits…and I can’t imagine life without her.

    I thank God for His gift in my daughter and I am so proud that God has chosen me to be her mum and that she has chosen us to be her parents. xxx

  2. Excellent post! I personally know 2 women who had abortions and were unable to have any more children after their abortion. Even after getting married, and wanting children. I’m sure there are many many more like them.

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