Hi friends!!

Today was a crazy day! I have been enjoying blogging lately and usually I have been able to find time, but today we were out the door by 10am and didn’t get back until 9 tonight. I thought I would just write quickly about our day ๐Ÿ™‚

So since moving to Washington we have had a crazy time dealing with health insurance companies. We had two different health ย insurances in Illinois that covered us fully and when we moved we lost both… I thought that it would be easy to figure it out but since ObamaCare went into affect starting in October its been a COMPLETE hassle. ย Long story short…we applied at the end of September to get health insurance and we still don’t have it as of today. This means our little boy hasn’t had insurance. ย Thankfully we have a doctor friend who has been there for all our health care needs. Today we dropped our little boy off at a friends house in order to finally get this squared away. We drove all the way into Seattle and signed our names on the VERY bottom of a waiting list. Apparently a lot of people are having the same problems as we are ๐Ÿ™‚ Here is a picture of us waiting. We look happy because this was the first 5 minutes (You should have seen us after 2.5 hours haha)

waiting picture!

After 2 hours of waiting I was STARVING so my wonderful husband went out searching for something to eat. He came back with fried rice and diet coke. We weren’t concerned about eating healthy at this point in time. After he brought the food in EVERYONE was staring us down like they hadn’t eaten in 5 years. I thought we might be attacked! Slowly the amount of people in the room started to lessen. It was almost our turn! I told myself that all the waiting was worth finally getting this figured out.

SO…once we get our names called what would you guess happens next??

He gave us free money and free health insurance…NOT!! The guy told us that we had to call a certain number and that he couldn’t help us. He told us that ObamaCare was stupid and that he was sorry. (Thanks Obama) So we thanked the guy and walked out with no answers whatsoever. On the way home I realized that its okay. We will get it figured out eventually and I thanked God that all of us have been healthy so far. I am determined to call that number on Monday and figure this out. I would say we wasted 3.5 hours, however I got to spend it with my husband! We also had the time to talk about everything under the sun including what we want to name all of our future kids ๐Ÿ™‚ย close up santa

After that we went on a lovely family walk, played cards, and then headed off to a Christmas concert! It was the perfect ending to our hectic day. Zane also met Santa! He wasn’t scared one bit.ย Anyways, my hope is that all of you had a GREAT day!! Remember when frustrating things happen to realize that it will BE OKAY! Try to see the positive in things and be thankful for all the things in life that are good. ย I tried to remind myself of this when I felt extremely frustrated today!

Ill be back to blogging about real things tomorrow!

P.S. I’d love to know some good Arabic/English name ideas!!

Love to love,



2 thoughts on “A CRAZY DAY!

  1. I tried finding out more information about Obamacare and called the number and they didn’t give me the option to “find out” instead they put me through to “sign up”, however, I waited for over 30 minutes on the phone and then a voice (not real person) came on and told me to call back when the site wasn’t so busy. I never called back.

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