Happy New Years!!












I can’t believe it’s 2014 already! Last night Jaber, Zane, and I hung out with my parents. We went to Jason’s Deli for Dinner and then headed home to watch a movie. Zane was a party pooper and went to bed at 7:30 🙂 Jaber and I stayed up until 11:30 and I could barely keep my eyes open. We once again didn’t make it to midnight (I am such an old lady…)

I hope all of you had a great New Years Eve! What did all of you do??

Today my family is hanging out at home. We plan on playing lots of games…Hearts being our favorite. Jordan, Conn, Jaber, and I could play ALL day. We are all very competitive so it’s pretty hilarious for everyone to watch.

So far today I have stuck to all three of my New Years Resolution because I can’t pick which one I should do. I am leaning towards no pop for sure, but I am also considering no Starbucks. We shall see!

I spent over 8 hours yesterday researching blogging, web designs, sponsors, and self hosting. One word to describe it…CONFUSING!! I learned all about plugins and how to upload your own personal themes onto your self hosted sight. I decided that I will leave my new and improved blog to another day. I will stick with my comfortable WordPress blog! If anyone has an good ideas or contacts for me I would love to be enlighten. Is it possible for me to take a class?

Anyways, I am off to a great day with my family! I hope this year brings you SO much joy.

Love to Love,



2 thoughts on “Happy New Years!!

  1. Hi Christie! Talk to me. What are your goals and what do you need help with? I just did a self-hosted site with WordPress.org this past year and am self-taught with blogging, so I can help any way I can! 🙂

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