How to Know Whether Something is Right or Wrong?

When trying to figure out whether or not something is wrong, here are some questions to ask yourself.

1. Am I fully persuaded that it is right? Paul says in Romans that we must be persuaded that it is acceptable before God.

2. Can I do it without being a stumbling block to my brother or sister in Christ? This is one reason I choose not to drink. I wouldn’t want to cause another person to be tempted. I can’t go wrong with not doing it. This is also why modesty is so important.

3. Does it bring peace? If you are constantly worried or trying to justify what you are doing…it’s probably not right.

4. Is it profitable? Think about whether this decision is benefiting anyone. Is the choice one that helps others? Paul says that some things may be lawful, but that doesn’t mean they are beneficial.

5. Does it enslave me? Some good things become bad when they enslave us. For example, being healthy isn’t bad, but when working out becomes an obsession it can lead to unhealthy things like eating disorders. This has been a struggle in my past. I take something that is good and become overly obsessed with it and it ends up controlling me.

6. Does it bring Glory to God? Is it Biblical? Does it bring joy? When you do the right thing…you will know it!

7. Is your choice going to hurt another person? Things like lying, cheating, name calling, etc OBVIOUSLY hurt the other person making it wrong.

We face temptations every single day. With the help of the Holy Spirit we can make the right choices. God has equipped us with everything we need. When you choose to think about your choices, you will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome!

Have a great day!!

Ps. Tomorrow my boy turns ONE!



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